See thru wall tool vs terrain cutting tool

bit on a simple question by @Hyperelf got me thinking a bit more about the see try walls tool.

Been wondering for awhile what the point of having slabs, walls floors and roads.
realizing this is likely for the see try building systems.

But it seems to me the walls are causing quite a few issues. cant be removed, no free placed windows and sutch.
And the see tru walls system is endless resource heavy it seems.

So would it not be better and more simple to just use the terrain tool it would just have to work 1 block at a time.
And work on buildings as well.

you would rule out the need of really having a see thru tool then. and would kinda rule out the point of having individual walls and floors as something separate.

I might be completely wrong about all this :stuck_out_tongue: but i wanted to put it out there anyways!