"Secondary job" traits (hobbys)

We already have a bunch of “passionate X” traits that work if the person with said trait is performing said proffesion. How about we turn this around and add a hobby as a pissible trait for hearthlings, so that we can have them do some other things in their “free time” (gameplay: instead of idle state).

My syggestions? Quite a few, actually:

  • Militia/Volounteer
    This hearthling will always wear a basic set of the lowest level armor instead of the proffesion armor and will join a random party during town defense mode instead of running for the flag in town defense mode. The hearthling will fight using its proffesion tool with a level 1 footman efficiency, but can not use better weapons, nor can level up in fighting.

  • Hobbyist (proffesion)
    Similar to the previous one, but this time it will allow a hearthling to craft the most basic (lvl1 only) set of items from any crafting proffesion. Only basic quality items can be crafted this way (basic crops planted, etc.). Hobbyists can NOT craft workbenches, kilns etc., will only use workstations crafted by a proffesional hearthling.

  • Social Worker/Handyman
    Will always help with construction, even if the class would usually disable this option.

  • Mole/Mineral Collector
    Will always help with mining if the mining area contains exposed resource veins. Randomly can mine a decorative item (gemstone/exceptional mineral).

I am sure that there can be more added if we’d do a brain storm here, but these are the obvious few that I really wanted to post. Let me know what You think and throw in more ideas for a “hobby” that could be added. :slight_smile:


I would absolutely love to see hearthlings have hobbies they can do in their idle time. Even better, these hobbies could be a way they can gain some happiness, as long as the player provides the space they require and the relevant materials.

I think it would work in well with the existing trait “heart of a crafter” – a hobbyist in any of the crafting professions could, assuming they get some free time each day, fulfill that desire to make somewhile even while serving as a soldier or some other non-crafting profession.

What I’d imagine as an ideal scenario is that hearthlings with a hobby trait will occasionally create an event (just like a trader request) where they ask for certain items out of the town’s stockpile, of course those items being relevant to their hobby. In their idle time they work away at their hobby, and eventually they create something – it might be a new piece of furniture, a decoration, a new cooking recipe or even a new skill. This idea is heavily inspired by the Fey Moods of them Dorfs from Dwarf Fortress; but I think it would add a lot to Stonehearth since it gives players a reason to care about their hearthlings’ hobbies and try to fulfill them.