Scaffolding error and game totally frozen

Just startedup my game loaded into my world and I get the above error, unable to cancel it, game frozen. task manager to close.

Looks like a building bug.
It’s horrible when the errors pile up on an infinite loop, forcing you to close… :sweat:

Do you remember what was going on the game when you saved that time?


errrrm think I was just building a road. nothing major.

Weird. The errors seem to be about the scaffolding being taken down. :confused:

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When errors pile up like that, it’s usually because there’s one error for every object of a certain type in the world. If you hit F5 (resetting the UI) do the errors go away? If you go away and come back in 5 minutes (let the error work its way through the system) do the errors go away?

Was your road anywhere near a building scaffolding?


Hit F5 and it comes straight back up. but that whole game save seems to be affected, I have started a new game and it is okay… for the moment.

And no the road wasn’t near anything as far as I can see,

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