Save menu UI freezing

I’m having major problems “Game Saving”.
When i attempt to save a game it freezes and maybe 15 seconds later it will bring up the UI to create a new save or overwrite, When i try either it freezes for another 15 seconds and either creates the save or the game crashes…

This has greatly affected my love for this game since i have to start over more than i would like too :frowning:
These problems only occurred since the pre-release of Alpha 8 :frowning:

Well first of all Welcome @jahwaaaah to the discourse unless if you are @JahWaaah well then welcome back. And i think this would go into the category of active bug/support

it might fit into this topic

Thank you, I am indeed @JahWaaah but i cant seem to get into my original account :frowning:

It does fit there but for some reason i could not find that area to post in.
I have read and seen some other posts and i guess its a “Sit & Wait” Job until the Devs can fix it :smile:

Thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile: