Save Hearthlings, Food can wait

Hearthlings not saving their Friends, Food is more important?
Something i noticed quiet a lot on the latest video i recorded for Stonehearth was that when you try to save hearthlings many times not sure why really your hearthlings that’s saving the hurt hearthlings just picks them up and drops them at the very same location or move them 10 blocks away and drops them because they perhaps need to go eat or what ever is on their TODO list.

This is really annoying to have to tell them to save the same one 10 times and sometimes you think they are saved, but then you get a message that they died because they drop them next to the bed instead of in the bed.

Tweak Bubbles to be ontop
another thing that i asked about in the past for Hearthlings Bubble for Low Health to be above everything to find them easier would be great for the + bubble when your about to save someone. because if they are inside an house you cant see it because the bubble is inside the floor above.

I would prefer when you put to save someone they will fulfill what they where told to do before they move to the next task.
Saving a hearthling should be highest priority.


That is a bug, I think.
Save and reload should fix it … I think :smiley:

Perhaps it looks very weird i hope we can see a real fix someday :slight_smile:

I’m working on a revamp of the AI system that should result in more consistent priorities and fewer interruptions. Not sure if it’ll make it into Alpha 23, but it’s definitely on our radar.


:smiley: looking forward to it, keep up the great work !

Nice Banto, to get us more infos from the devs with this topic :smiley:

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Looking forward to it as well. It takes them way to long after a casualty to get them and bring them to a bed (even when there are no enemies anymore).
And it’s kinda sad when you get a message that someone died and find the grave at random places like this one:

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Indeed :forlorn: poor hearthling

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