Room Building goes into the ground (instead of on top of the ground)

Hey there!

Since we changed building editors mechanics and how it works (its amazing btw) i have noticed that the room building option makes the rooms 1 above the ground and not groundlevel. So what you get are buildings on top of the ground. In my opinion this looks really ugly. Having my buildings 1 up higher then the ground level is not something i love to see. I already know a way around it but my question is why has this changed from last build editing mode. As i recall in the last one you would just build a room inside the ground. So you would replace the ground with the floor instead of building the floor on top of the ground.

My suggestion: make it so the room mechanic from the build editor goes 1 into the ground instead of on top of the ground.

What are you guys ideas on this one?

Although we can simple move it up or down, I would prefer if the default was in the ground too.

Only realised about the moving up and down later today when building alot more buildings haha :stuck_out_tongue: But default in the ground would be nice indeed!

Yeah, mark me down for this too. I can understand that some people want to have the room on top of the ground, there are for sure buildings which look better this way, but I think the majority of us want the floor in the ground. So prefer the default to be in the ground, and then move it one up if needed.

Besides, it’s not a big issue. You can save the building as a template and it will remember that it is sunken, so you only just have to do it once per room really. This is a nice-to-have really.