Roman Aqueducts and Roman battle tactics

Do you guys think its possible to implement a aqueduct system or a system that makes it so I can transport water around. Also do you think its possible to implement a battle system that allows me to organize my units into columns and Phalanx’s so they cause more damage or have more intimidation and scare more people off or are immune to ranged attacks.

Hello there Dave! It is possible to design (And build) an aqueduct I believe, but not above the water source you are using! However, in your other request, yes as of now battle strategies for hearthlings don’t exist. I do believe that radiant does want to go a little into more detail about military. However, that is probably a long ways from now. If you wish to build an aqueduct above a water source (Like the traditional roman aqueducts), that may be possible in the near future with the introduction of wetstones!

Or currently, using the whetstone with the debug tools :stuck_out_tongue: