ROAM by ROAM: survive, build, craft

Guys, check out “”. It was funded on KS in feb2013, beta release is planned for Jan2014. I backed i back in febuary but sadly the devs became really really silent…which makes me sad :frowning:

This is a zombie survival game that combines crafting and base building and survival like no other game!

they were going through some legal issues (team member left)… but they seem to be back on track… definitely excited about this one…

I thought for sure we had a thread on this… no?

I was not able to find one…correct me if i’m wrong^^

The legal issues were 3or4months back! And now their community manager probably quit, no update since 6weeks…nothing. And the devs actaully promised a bi-weekly update cycle back in june i think!

hmm… the last update was on Nov 8th (on the campaign), but perhaps they are more active on their forums?

nope, quick scan there shows some distraught backers… :cry:

oh well, i hope all is well, and they are just exceptionally introverted… :smile:

edit: campaign update! :+1:

edit #2: video update! :smile: