Resource voxels can hinder ladder construction

Sometimes, mined or placed voxels end up placed below an issued ladder construction, blocking it

Steps to reproduce:

  1. issue a new ladder at a spot, where a resource voxel might be placed (like in a mining pit)*

*might take some tries until RNG hits :slight_smile:

Expected Results:
while mining, the game should not place resource voxels at locations, where constructions are issued
Actual Results:
the issued ladder is constructed incompletely and therefore rendered useless
It seems, the situation can also happen with resources that are dropped by Hearthlings (maybe due to a lack of storage space). I had it happen several times in a row in a mining pit (see pic).


Version Number and Mods in use:
A18-663, cafe, brewery, tuhalus mod-package
System Information:
Windows 8.1 (64bit)

Hello @BarbeQ :slight_smile:

I never experienced this issue due to a resource. The ladders will always get laid until the floor they can reach, even if there’s an item there.

What I’ve seen is ladders not long enough, but that might be because hearthlings mined the bottom blocks after the ladder was built.

I only managed to reproduce your picture if I built a ladder which overlapped a resource, and then the hearthlings mined the bottom layer (in your picture is 5 blocks tall, too), so the resource fell down.
In this case, you would have to remove the ladder and place it again.

The ghost of the ladder won’t get shorter even if a resource is placed there before the ladder is built, so the only case I can think of is that one.

Do you happen to have a savefile where the bug is about to happen?

Hi @Relyss

I’m sorry, but my savegame is from the timepoint you can see on the picture. Now that you mention it, I am not sure how deep the pit was , when I placed the ladder. Maybe you are right and I did place the ladder, while before the 5th row was mined and thus the ladder ended beeing one block to short.
I was trying to deliberately force the effect by placing ladders right above resource blocks lying on the floor, but none where built before the resource block was carried away by someone. So, I assumed that my observations where issues when the Ai did not recognize a blocking resource. But if I understand you right, resources/items cannot block ladders.

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You can uncheck hauling for hearthlings (or just delete all the stockpiles) to force them to not carry away the items.

The more I test, the more I have the feeling that it realy was an issue of lowering the floor afterwards (bad timing of building the ladder, I guess). So, sorry for crying wolf here. @Relyss: thanks for your support.


The floor thing happened to me far too often when ordering ladders to be built during extensive excavations while only half paying attention. Would be nice if undug voxels set for mining could be displayed in a different color optionally.