Ladder placement builds ladder 1 voxel below intended placement

Ladder placement builds ladder 1 voxel below intended placement. When placing ladders (of ANY kind manual or scaffolding ladders) they are placed 1 voxel into the below surface (See attached screen shots below) and in some case the result is an inability to remove/destroy.

When looking for similar issues before posting, I found this -

However, this is a dated issue without resolution. Incase their are dependencies I have included the above link for reference.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch Release 549

  2. Once in game locate a cliff side (This is the needed environment to see the issue first hand.)

  3. Select build toolbar set then the build ladder option

  4. Select a build placement near a corner where you can build up from the edge of the cliff (See Below)

  5. This issue is also persistent when build into the ‘Slab’ object material (Could definitely be more wide spread, 1st & 2nd floor object material, roof object material,etc.) as seen below.

  6. In both situations depicted in the above screen shots, after placement, the user no longer sees the representation of the unintended section of ladder. Again, see below.

Expected Results:
Placing ladders does not place ladders below the obvious user intended voxel level whether manually placed or placed in the scaffolding process.

Actual Results:
Placed ladders are placed 1 voxel below the intended placement.

Ok, this is where it gets weird but fret not, unless their is a dependency on placing ladders and ladders needing to be built 1 voxel deeper, this could be an easy fix!

Something in the scaffolding process places ladders differently (not sure how) but because of this there is the 1 glaring difference… Manually placed ladders can be removed! At least they can be removed from most materials, I haven’t found one I couldn’t remove a ladder from. Back to Scaffolding, as you probably already know, scaffolding and scaffolding ladders placed on the ground can be ‘Destroyed’ if not removed by your hearthlings automatically. However, any scaffolding ‘ladders’ cannot be removed. Again, not sure why, but here’s what I know -

  1. In order to use the ‘Destroy’ tool, the user needs to be able to target/select the actual bottom of the object
    a) This means to me, the scaffolding and scaffolding ladder objects that are placed at ground level are NOT built 1 voxel below the intended placement(at this point who knows)
    b) Also, due to the fact that the ‘Destroy’ tool does not work on any scaffolding or it’s ladders BECAUSE it has been built 1 voxel below the intended
  2. Manually placed ladders can be removed AND destroyed from any object material type
  3. When manually placing ladders (at least for natural object materials and slabs), the visible model displays 1 Voxel beneath the intended placement location
  4. After placement the visible ladder model is no longer displayed as being 1 voxel beneath the intended placement location.
  5. The issue is very difficult to notice when the building process begins due to the building and ladders being shaded/see through and with the hearthling activity I have yet to verify ladder placement

With all of this I believe that when placing ladders manually, although you can see the model beneath the intended target, it does not actually get built due to the CURRENT obstruction being the ground or other surface. Unfortunately, when building, there is no obstruction, it hasn’t been built and because of this there is a chance the ladder is built before the intended structure. The result is the structure object material is built/placed on/over the already built ladder that was incorrectly built 1 voxel beneath the intended placement and the user is no longer able to remove the ladder.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Release 549 / None

System Information:

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Sorry, I actually flushed out a few details as I went… which is also the reason for the lengthy read, again my apologies.

So, I am not going to lie, the little to no traction on this issue pains me. The reasons this issue might not get traction are even more concerning. At this point I am assuming that radiant knows exactly why there have been so many build issues and are not acknowledging and relaying the issues to it’s core user base. The bug, as seen above, would probably amount to the majority of build issues experienced by users.

Considering the seemingly easiest fix, don’t extend the intended placement of ladders 1 voxel below. That’s it… and there have been no responses to this issue besides 1 like which in all honesty, I appreciate but don’t really care about as likes are not going to miraculously fix this game…

Can you tell I am bummed about this…

Also, this is a 5min check to verify on radiant’s part

Hey Mick, sorry you’re feeling bummed about this. We do have a ton of building bugs, and it’s hard to get to every thread, especially since we’re all working on combat right now. Can you provide a template of a structure where the build does not complete because the ladder is built first, and therefore in the way? Like I said, we’re all working on combat right now, but maybe we can take a look when we get back to building.

Also, alas, nothing in building is an easy fix. :wink:

Just appreciate the response! Thank you. Of course, I will get you a template asap!

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That should do it, you will want to watch ladder placement during/after deck placement.

Thanks for the bug report! I should have this fixed soon.

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Thank you guys! I apologize for my impatience, just excited to see if this is the major issue I think it could be!