[Res] Game crash immediately (Fix: update graphics card drivers)



I just bought the game and downloaded , but when I start it the screen of the game disappears immediately , I hope someone can help me with this


Sure thing. First off, can you list system specs?

Secondly… Try going to your Video Cards driver website and downloading the newest drivers from there (Don’t trust your card’s software auto updater).

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the newest drivers, give it another shot.


this is what i can find about my laptop


CPU: Nvidia GeForge GT 750M /2GB GDDR5
HDD: 500GB
ODD: DVD Super-Multi
RF: 802.11b/g/b/n/+BT4.0
OS: Windows 8


Hmm… with 6 gigs of ram and that card, it should run.


Try getting your new drivers from here and report back with success or failure. :smile:


Yes! thank you it worked :slight_smile:


Wooot! Awesome. Glad to hear it.

Enjoy the game. :smiley:


Perfect. Thanks for your help, @Silas :smile:
I’m still thinking of that macro-thread with all the crashes->update your drivers posts…

For now, closing :lock: