[Res] 64 bit version crashes on startup, only 32bit works (was Lavasoft Ad-Aware)

When I wanted to startup my Stonehearth this morning something strange happened: it played the intro music but then it crashed straight back to my desktop.
Trying to figure out, what has happend I came across a lot of forum posts about this exact error.

So I checked if my video card drivers were up to date.
No Lavasoft or Norton Antispyware porgramms on my Pc.
Due to the Win 10 upgrade I reinstalled AviraAntivir yesterday. I deinstalled it, to see if that fixes the problem.

Long story short: Only changing the user_settings.json to forcefully start the game in 32 bit gets the game running for me.
The 64bit exe crashes constantly.

Could it be my fault that the game doesn’t want to run in x64 anymore? :confounded:

stonehearth.log (31.1 KB)

@Pfauenauge - I checked your crash dump and it’s definitely crashing in LavasoftTcpService64.dll. Can you figure out what program might be using that dll?


Thank you for your answer!
This .dll seems to interact with a lot of my network processes. Trying to unregister and delete it via windows command and regsvr32 results in an error…

Any idea how I could delete this .dll?

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Sometimes Lavasoft Ad-Aware Web Companion gets installed with other software if you forget to uncheck a box. Did you double check your Programs and Features in Windows to see if there is an uninstall option?


I’ve noticed that sometimes CCleaner (by the Piriform company) will be able to uninstall programs that Windows can’t uninstall by default.


I have to admit, that at one point in the past I had AdAware on my computer. After deinstalling it I never though about it again. Seems like it doesn’t want to go that easy.

After some hours of researching forums, swearing in german, using system recovery (frying my windows 10 with it two times, reinstalling it )and more german swearing I managed to remove everthing that was left of AdAware!

Stonehearth’s 64bit version runs now smoothly like nothing ever happened.

Whoever discovers a way which includes less german swearwords, please tell me for the future and my inner peace :astonished:


Wow. That’s pretty messed up. Glad you got it working!