Requests from modders to devs for 1.0 and 1.1


Considering that I already mistakenly bumped the post, let me just move this suggestion to here too:


Just took a look at the Clan Amberstone as kingdom mod and I think we need a way to specify kingdom’s diet so they don’t get their stomachs filled with roasted rabbit jerky…


Could in addition to other traits give them vegetarian.


Another extremely small change that can make a huge impact, in the HabitatManager add water to this table:

local habitat_types = {
   none      = true,
   occupied  = true,
   plains    = true,
   foothills = true,
   mountains = true,
   water = true,
   forest    = true

And a new return ‘water’ for this method:

function HabitatManager:_get_habitat_type(terrain_type, feature_name)
   if terrain_type == 'mountains' then
      return 'mountains'
   if self._landscaper:is_water_feature(feature_name) then
      return 'water'
   if self._landscaper:is_forest_feature(feature_name) then
      return 'forest'
   if feature_name ~= nil then
      return 'occupied'
   if terrain_type == 'plains' then
      return 'plains'
   if terrain_type == 'foothills' then
      return 'foothills'
   log:error('Unable to derive habitat_type')
   return 'none'

So we can add landmarks to the water, like this:



Any chance of multiple region collision types within a single entity? Or a way to “group” entities to approximate that behavior?

And please include in the documentation how terrain and other C++ systems work, with explanations of enums like region collision type (as far as I can tell, there are just NONE, SOLID, and PLATFORM, and I’m not entirely sure of the specifics of PLATFORM behavior).


Multiple regions are possible, just not by different type (none, solid, platform)
I’m not sure what types we have, but platform is used in scaffolds, i.e. there is no collision (e.g. water can go through) but you can still stand on top of it.


How hard would it be to have crafting recipes accept more then one kind of crafting station? (or is that allowed even now? With some trickery? )
Use: currently cooks always start with a stone cauldron but classically metal cauldrons have been used throughout the ages aswell. Could lead to crafting station upgrades with backwards compatible recipes.
(so the new stations could still do the old recipes)


You can mixinto workshops to specify equivalents. See the upgraded potter’s kiln as an example.


In the minimap, we only have control over the terrain colors. The water and tree colors are hardcoded, requiring overwriting files.
For example, modding the Temperate into CandyLand (© Relyss)
We start with:
And then can only change it to this:
No strawberry milk lakes or cookie trees, like this: