Replacing land that has previously been removed

Hey all,
Perhaps I missed it (I did search through the forums for an answer to this) but is there a way to replace ground that has already been removed? For example, and this has happened a few times to me; I build a house, realize I have built it too close to it’s neighbour, and the building has to be torn down and rebuilt. Unfortunately, I now have a layer of ground removed that I either have to build a new floor, and then a second floor on top of that one, or just leave the hole and build elsewhere. I would suggest the easiest fix would be to allow us to build dirt “floors” to fill in these holes; I know this might be considered time-consuming for my Stoneheartheans, but it was their mistake to begin with (right???), so it only feels fair that they have to spend time fixing it.
Anyway, if there is a way to do this that I have missed, a helpful hand in the right direction would be GREATLY appreciated :slight_smile:

As far as I know, there’s not way to replace dirt or stone yet, which is what many of us think the Geomancer class will do once that’s implemented.

A simple fix for this, is to make your replacement floor a little bigger than the hole, so it’s at the level you want it, then erase the parts that aren’t in the hole. Once you click build, they will place it in the whole without you making a double floor.


Brilliant!!! Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m having a similar problem with roads. I was building stairs down a cliff side and a road and the top and bottom but i miscounted the stairs and had to tare down the road at the top in order to fix it but now i cant put the road back because it wants to put the road on the dirt. so if there is a way to put road ubuve dirt that would be great. and I dont think I can stack road so that is out of the question. (Unless you can do that then I’ll just do that lol) and making the road bigger would completely screw up what I’ve planned out so far and I would be better off just restarting lol