Replacing dirt with grass

Playing the ascendency you don’t need that much dirt, but eventually I wanted to make a load of clay items so I dug into the nearby hillside. Now my town has grown and I am thinking of expanding, the newly created flats where the hillside used to be are ideal… except for the ugly brown ground. It would be nice to be able to replace this top layer of exposed dirt with grass.

First of all, since we don’t know what the geomancer will be able to do exactly, a fix for the described problem might allready be underway. But even so, lorewise a geomancer would be able to manipulate dirt, not plants. So I would like to discuss another more realistic solution and I’ve got two options:

  1. Grass grows naturally, so why not let it grow back naturally? If a top layer of dirt is exposed for let’s say two in game days or so and is next to or near other grass, it will change into a grass block. You can even add a bit of randomness to the duration to make it grow more “wildly” and naturally.
  2. Let farmer’s be able to convert top layers of dirt to grass. Either with a special zone or by making a crop called grass that consumes the zone when it is fully grown.