Rebellions Suggestion

Total agreement. We don’t want people pillaging houses just because they wanted another field.

Maybe have pirates ninjas and politicians bribe,threaten blackmail your villagers to join their side but then soldiers are hard to turn

For the rebellion to start I would imagine it could not be solved by one field and you would need another 20 or something minimum to stop a rebellion. Im talking you would need like -100 food for a rebellion to start

I do like the idea of rebellions. That would give us a reason to install execution devices such as the gallows and the guillotine, which would be pretty interesting and still qualifies as “City Management”.

EDIT: What would be even more interesting is if the rebellious forces would become a faction of their own. So lets say a bunch of settlers decide that they don’t like starving to death because you forgot to make any farms. They could wander off and start their own settlement as units under the control of the dungeon master. Then, you would have to worry about fighting off goblins AND the rebellion that was created as a result of your mistakes.

It’s ideas like that that keep on getting me more and more excited for this game to come out, haha.


I think the ratio should be x amount of people and -x amount of food = rebellion. It should be more ratio-wise than just -100 food, one size fits all.

But if they just build their own city, why would they hate you? Ok you were bad at giving them food but now they produce their own goods. I would like to have the choice: Ignore those guys, but maybe other people will leave your city and join them (other way round: they maybe come back if you build a big city and beg them to come back), or you send military forces to reclaim the land and start a little war. Whoever wins will get the rest of the food and survive the next winter.

I really like the idea of execution devices but wouldn’t they just increase hatred towards you like when the British killed the leaders of the Easter Rising and everyone thought they went too far.

Why do they need to wonder off? Why don’t they take over a district/part of your settlement? 'Cause if I was one of them I would think that I built this settlement, Why do I have to leave? So you would basically have to either kill all of the rebels to take back part of your city and risk angering the people who stayed with you or will you let them keep part of your city or maybe there might be a diplomatic option where you can bring them back into your power.

It was just an example.

How can you ignore these guys?, They shamed you, said you were a bad leader and bit the hand that fed them (Figure of speech, just want to point this out because they left because you didn’t feed them.)

Winter is coming John Snow,

This could be sort of an early warning system like crew rolling cannonballs across the deck as an early sign of mutiny…That just gave me an idea! In the game maybe you could also have rebellions on your ships and the ship would join the rebellion faction or become pirates or something.

I don’t need to worry about food, I’m ordering out for pizza :stuck_out_tongue:

remember pirates are hired and then they become real pirates who fight for themselves with women gold and rum

Actually I have also a mod in my mind with a “rebellion”-aspect in it. I like the idea of an “end game”-mod which can lead to the situation where the player loses his game and has to re-start. For sure there have to be some warnings to give the player a fair chance and significant benefits for playing the mod (apart from the challenge). However, I guess such a game could be very different in the way you play it and it might not be as relaxing as vanilla Stonehearth might be.

Oh for sure they were intending the game to be a relaxing voxelly cruise through the world, with zen music and comforting baby sounds in the background to lull your way through to the end! :smile:

Yeah, no. Or, I really hope not. I need challenge and bloodlust to sate my hunger for violence! MORE! MOAR I SAY, MOAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!