Rayya's unique fighter - the monk

A nice mod idea. that would be available only to Rayya’s children.

How to get it?
The monk would be created by the potter. It would be a bead necklace.

What is it?
The monk is a bare-hand fighter. It does close-quarter combat and can close-quarter heal. It is speed based, quick low damage attacks. Works well against low defense enemies.

How does it upgrade?
Its armor class comes from the beads he wears (like a spiritual shield or higher discipline), crafted by the potter, and mason. Hand wrapping would be used to improve his damage output (crafted by the weaver).

Tech tree?
This would be a separate class (non-dependent on the soldierclass). This can provide early defensive capability for Rayya’s children, since it otherwise takes a potter, a mason, a blacksmith and a carpenter to get a soldier.

What’s next?
Well that’s where you can help. I need to know what needs to be done mod-wise.


I love this idea. RC as it stands now is at a huge disadvantage militarily. I barely make it through a normal game which just feels like a rush to steel since you can’t buy a carpenter’s saw. I can’t imagine hard mode.

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Aren’t the RC more base on the arabic or indian world then the oriental…
Still would love to see a monk thou.

Well it is the more versatile concept. To be more thematic I was thinking at jobs like snake charmer.

Also, it would be great if they could build an altar, where they can craft on clay “prayers” which could be temporary buffs.

The best idea I have it would be the monk would do all the same things as workers, and be able to craft, but not mining. And since all other jobs evolve from worker, could quickly create a monk army without restricting yourself, and demote one them if you need it to go for another job.

Here are example models for the male and female monk.

Basically its a karate gi with a bead necklace.

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Perhaps the monk could serve as a sort of jack-of-all-trades when it comes to Rayya’s fighting force? As in, not only as their ‘footman’ so-to-speak, but perhaps they could also have chi powers of some kind that would provide them with projectiles and healing powers? Furthermore, the class could even branch off based on weather the individual would specialize in healing or offensive powers. Also, maybe knuckles of varying metals would be better for upgraded weaponry?


What about the monk being a counterpart for the knight?

Maybe giving the monk a wooden stick when he promotes or to upgrade him.
I really like the monk from Diablo 3.

The rigt monk has a bead necklace i think. I like that idea as talisman.

In my opinion RC has to have whole different kind of troops then the others. (But just the names and looks not with there function in the fighting system)


Well, those crazy warrior monks of our reality did also tote shields…

So… Perhaps… the knight equilavent of monks would wield a shield and large gauntlet to help take the blows for the team?

Or have a buckler on elbow? Just like some footmen did when they carried two handed weaponry to battlefield.

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Anyways, I see the monk as too advanced to be the starting soldier. I’d prefer a slinger for that role (slings were used by shepherds to fend off beasts, makes sense to be the basic defender).

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@Apani Well it should be a starting soldier for Rayya’s Soldier, because if the person doesn’t take the wooden sword as a starting item, they don’t stand a fighting chances. At best it take more than 5 days to be able to craft a wooden sword, which it enough time to get raided multiple times.

I don’t see them as strong fighters, but more of an hybrid between the footman and the cleric.

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totally agree with you, would be super cool as a low-level starting fighter.

Yes, they need an easy way to get defender, that’s why I proposed the slinger for that role; it could require a bundle of fiber and a lump of clay.

I see the monk closer to the knight than the footman, as they both incarnate a virtuous fighter with a code as opposed to the footman who is just a random guy good at swinging weapons. They could be a sort of tank-cleric hybrid, with beefy muscles and some magic and abilities (what about pain endurance?) instead of heavy armour.

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Or instead of using “monk” as term for the first military class… Call it something else, though slinger would be nice, not to mention good contrast to Ascendy’s footman…

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