Rayya's Children: Increasing Number of Shop Generators

Title: Rayya’s Children Increasing Number of Shops Per Day

There is an issue with the new trader campaign for Rayya’s Children that allows for an increasing number of shop spawns per day.

The iskender_caravan_3 event is one of the shops chosen in “spawn_shops”. However it’s output chain is “wait_for_shops” -> “spawn_shops” which causes a new generator to be created.

I am on day 20 and have at least 5 shops spawning per day. As easy as it is for me to get the shops I want, the shops are getting a bit spammy.

Noticed this as well. Paging @sdee to come look at trader frequency…

On a similar note, @yshan, it seems with the depth of the Rayya’s campaign, it extends past the windows of the campaign browser in debug tools…any change to get a resizeable windows or a horizontal scroll bar?

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Too many caravan & co notifications, they are one behind the other which makes the game unplayable.
No daily update.

you still got all the reports like your daily update, level up notices and all notices about traders and merchants. just click on the ‘!’ button at the bottom to get your lists

but yes there are way too many per day now, ive even noticed the same trader or merchant 2-4 times within a few seconds of eachother

paging dr @Albert , I think this one is for you?

It is for @sdee as it is the campaign system. :smile:

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I can confirm the no daily update thing. Also not getting those for some days.

Ahh shame on me, just noticed you can control the maximal citizens in the gameplay option :sweat:

@Kharet and @Ninels, the “no daily update” thing is likely not a bug. There is a user-configurable limit for the number of hearthlings. The default is 20. You can change it in settings. If you are at 20 (or whatever the limit is set to) Hearthlings you will not see the daily report…

So sorry, just noticed it a minute after I posted :astonished:

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when will I be able to have a castle whare i have 50 workers 20 crafters and 30 warriors