Rayyas Children + Hard Mode + No starting sword = impossible

LOL! :smiley: But let’s be honest: Even the most advanced, most fancy modern military sniper rifle is still just the end of a line of incremental developments to fling rocks (or “rocklike, hard objects”) at your enemy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the approach, but this doesn’t really solve the problem; it’s just another way of giving RC a free sword at the beginning, which the player could have done themselves by simply choosing one for the starter set (which in my opinion still makes most sense, as you then can also buy a farmers hoe, which is equally hard to get for RC)…

But to bring another idea to this storm (or rather extend on one briefly mentioned already): Why not merchants? RC is supposed to be the big trading faction, why not emphasize this? While it’s still a lot easier for RC to build market stalls (lvl 3 starting potter, only needs clay) compared to Asc (lvl 6 starting carpenter, needs wood and cloth), this doesn’t really help them, as a) a lvl 3 potter still takes some time, and the merchant is honestly borderline useless. Maybe this problem can be solved by an extension to the trading system. RC should be able to build market stalls even sooner, and players should have some degree of control, which merchant is going to arrive. After thinking about this a little, I came up with two variations:

I. There are several different market stalls, available at increasing levels with increasing resource requirements. E.g. the very basic booth is available for RC with a lvl 2, maybe lvl 1 potter and only requires clay, as it is right now, and higher level booths are available with higher levels of potter (maybe later even from other classes), and need more and more fancy equipment (maybe also some cloth, later some finished products like urns or crates, finally some metal bars and/or decorative things). Asc would go a similar way, but start later (so maybe their booths start at a lvl 5 carpenter, and then go through lvl 6 of carpenter, weaver, blacksmith and potter). All these booths have “quality levels” of their own, and the merchants you call with higher level booths have more variety of products, more stock of these products, higher quality items, and maybe even at some point more cash to buy stuff from you. For example the basic “lvl 1 merchant” is what we have now: only some 5-10 items of wood, stone and clay each, while a higher level merchant would easily have 30-50 items of these, refined metal bars, additionally things like fine furniture and high level weapons and armor. Also when you call a merchant by pressing the button, you don’t immediately get one and the same merchant, but different merchants. You could get a menu to specifically call a “stone mason” or a “wood dealer”, or you could just get one of them randomly, which then motivates to have several booths, so you can call multiple traders at once to increase the chances of getting the needed low level “arms dealer” to buy some wooden swords, shields, and maybe one leather armor from them. :slight_smile:

II. A similar approach, but this time you don’t have multiple booths for the level (so all or at least half of the booths get unlocked with level 3 (2?) of potter for RC and level 6 of carpenter for Asc), but different booths for different merchants. The quality of the trader and their items increases either with your settlement value or simply but trading a lot with the individual traders, but you should again build a market place with several booths, so you can call all kinds of specialized traders. So in this variation you would specifically build an “arms dealer booth” (which might require some iron ore to craft), and after placement you can call a trader to buy all the required fighting equipment.

Wow, that derailed quite a bit… :wink: Anyway, opinions about this? I know that there’s already a mod out there for differently colored trading booths, but to my understanding, these are all mechanically the same, and only useful for decoration. The advantage of either of my suggested methods is, that it even makes sense from a gameplay point of view to build market places with multiple booths then.


The one time I tried RC (hard mode didn’t exist then but I compensated by starting with no tools of any kind), I went with trenches instead of walls, and they worked great! The interesting thing is, they work great until you fill them with water, and then they become swimmable. :slight_smile:
The most useful thing about trenches is how, if the ladder to the village is at one end and the stairs out of the trench are at the other end, you can direct the inflow of critters along a specific path, allowing sentries more time to respond. Multiple gates in the path only add to the airlock quality of the channel. Archers would turn trenches into a kill-box.

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Slings should be something any race could build. Thank you for the picture, though. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of slingers too, but for now, you can survive on clerics. Build two herbalists right away and pick crazy amounts of flowers and start making those potions. Is the only way I know off.

Need to resurrecct this thread because the issue is still there.
By the time your Blacksmith is level 3 you get attacked by a Little Stone golem (not the tiny ones) This one wiped out my Singular Swordman and all other 7 people even when during the attack the Caravan dropped by and I managed to buy another sword and two shields.
Unfortunately swordmen don’t pick up better gear during an attack so they ignored the stone mauls and the shields and charged the golem with wooden swords… and died.
During the Daily update I received a new settler so my town was back to Population 1… but not even 12 hours later I get attacked by 4 Goblins… yes 4!
Imagine the outcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Things would be manageable if a Blacksmith could build Copper or Bronze training swords or could create the carpenters saw from level 1 or 2.
Or Swordmen could also be trained with a Stone Maul.


Different factions could have different classes…


Wooden Sword made by Carpenter - Footman developed from worker
Bow made by Carpenter - Archer developed from Footman lvl 3
Knight Shield made by Blacksmith - Knight developed from Footman lvl 3
Cleric Book made by Herbalist - Cleric developed from Herbalist lvl 2


Stone Mace made by Mason - Memluk from worker
Sling made by Weaver - Slinger developed from Memluk lvl 3
Janissary Scimitar made by Blacksmith - Janissary developed from Memluk lvl 3
Alchemist book made by Herbalist - Alchemist developed from Herbalist lvl 2


Now that would be really cool!