Rabbits Labeled as Harvestable

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Just real quick, and not sure if this has already been figured out, posted, or what have you…
But it appears that when using the “Gather Tool,” as of Develop-2603 (x64), you can select rabbits to be gathered. The Hearthlings don’t actively collect the animal, but the icon just simply appears above it.

A completely minor little bug, but it’s something. Just letting you know!



I just accidentally tagged one to “Harvest”

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perhaps this is a slight mistake with the fact that rabbits can be raised by farmers now…

hope you dont mind @DontCallMeSurly but i’m going to change the title slightly

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I don’t mind at all! Thanks for doing that @8BitCrab.

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I encountered this and very quickly was like “NOOOOO BUNNY” and cleared it… didn’t even take the chance to harvest it…


Hmm … I did make rabbits be harvestable for meat by the shepherd. Do the other shepherded animals also have a “harvest” icon over them when you drag the Gather Tool on them?



I use the harvest tool on the shepard’s rabbit stock but it also tags wild rabbits. The wild rabbits can’t be harvested though, they just wander around with the flag.

I’ve had the harvest tool work a couple of times on the chickens but I haven’t been able to do it with the last update


Hey Yang @yshan,

Glad you asked! I forgot to mention that in my original post.

No, no other woodland critter has this ‘feature’ happen to them. However, I haven’t had the chance to try it out on sheep and Poyos.


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(Colon, capital ‘d.’)

For a game all about cuteness, those are probably the cutest creatures in the game so far! (Another smiley face.)



Yep, that’s pretty much what the bug is… However, you’ve got me thinking…

Do you think that should actually be a feature?

That is, for instance, allowing Hearthlings to harvest animals with the “Harvest Tool.” Each animal the common worker ‘harvests,’ they’ll just get back one to maybe two pieces of raw meat. But when the Trapper/Hunter ‘harvests’ an animal, we’ll get a few more pieces of raw meat and it’s fur.

That way when can still get furs at the beginning of the game. (This last sentence was obvious and I don’t know why I included it. This additional, explanatory sentence is then ironic.)

… Smiley face.

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I always get the trapper’s knife when I embark so I can have a trapper straight out of the gate. It’s a great source of quick food and money from selling furs :smile:


I noticed a tree wasn’t being cut down, until… That tree moved into an open area and I realized it was actually an animal! When harvesting an area with an animal, they can be mistaken for a tree.

Hi there!
Yes, this is a confirmed bug XD
Unfortunately, rabbits became a shepherded animal in Alpha 12, and they are the first shepherded animal that can also appear in the wild. The other shepherded animals, sheep and poyo, have a similar problem, but it’s not noticeable because the harvesting for renewable resources (wool and eggs), takes precedence over harvesting for meat. Rabbits don’t have a renewable resource, so you just get the harvest for meat icon over them :frowning: