[r610x64] Interacting with the Building Designer

So currently in the building designer when you Left Click to draw a Foundation your mouse cursor changes to a hardwood floor icon and you can deselect this mode by Right Click
Now if you Left Click the Foundation you just created you enter the “painting / selection mode” which has the same icon as the default editing cursor and in order to exit this mode you have to Left Click the ground that is not currently in the selection.

So to reiterate you have to Left Click and Hold a specific starting location & Drag to a specific location and Release Left Click to draw your selection, then must Right Click to deselect the current “edit mode” then Left Click any area in that specific location to select as a whole any single conjoined area that you were just working on to make a single huge edit to that whole by Left Click and then you must Left Click a block that is not of any of the drawn areas to again deselect the current “edit mode” and return to where you started.

-Left Click=Select, Drag, Deselect :confused:
Right Click=Deselect, Camera Rotation
-Selections are limited to a single area. :disappointed:
-Single areas are limited to an area wide edit. :disappointed:
-Selection mode has no button or cursor and very limited use. :disappointed:
-Undo doesn’t remember or undo everything you have done. :disappointed:
-Eraser doesn’t erase anything you want. :disappointed:

Do you see how confusing this way of interacting with the game is? (its confusing just trying to explain this)
The controls are not consistent at all and the UI does not make it clear when or how to enter or exit these editing modes.
I know the devs have made the comparison with image editing software and pretty much all the basic controls in ms paint are needed in this game.

To me it seems like the editor doesn’t yet realize that the blocks in the game are no different than pixels in paint.