[r610x64] Hearthling Object Interaction Limitations

So in addition to the problems regarding mining and movement limitations talked about in this post:
There also seems to be “hidden rules” regarding how hearthlings interact with objects as you can’t get out of a situation like this-

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I have experienced similar issues.
Somehow, uninstalling furniture is very very low priority (almost seems like a bug). Either I have have to wait for a long time, or restart/reloading, for it to work.

One workaround I found out though:

  1. First issue the uninstall
  2. Then issue a move to somewhere else.

Move seems to have higher priority, and somehow, the uninstall does not seems to cancel, so what you see is hearthlings going to the object, uninstall it, but did not move it.

Another workaround which seems less buggy, move the furniture to somewhere out of sight. then uninstall them, and hope that they will be uninstalled sometime later when you remembered them :slight_smile:

btw, shldn’t this be bug reports?

No basically I placed the beds too close to the doors and so the hearthligns can neither remove the beds or reach the doors so they just stand there and die. :cry:
Why? :disappointed:
Probably because interacting with the bed cannot be done at any location next to the bed, but only the specific side of the bed with the arrow.
What does the arrow signify?
I couldn’t tell you if its the head of the bed or the foot of the bed but its probably important. However, none of my hearthlings speak arrow. :confused:

the arrow is supposed point away from the foot of the bed.
But I have noticed that the interaction may be from the side(?).
To be safe, I leave the tile to the foot as well as at least one side free.

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So maybe its the fact that hearthlings are of the beehive or anthill mind-set that is making them useless in this situation?

-They all have hauling turned on.
-They can all reach and interact with the object.
-They are all isolated from one another.
-Path finding does not show them even attempting to move.

They are probably trying to interact with the bed in a room they cannot reach because the door is blocked but because they are a hive-mind when confronted with an individual task they completely fail to recognize the current challenge of the task at hand.

This screams to me that the current AI does not even consider hearthlings on an individual level.