R2513 - Citizenscreen

Hi just for info - you have break the citizeninfos :wink: now its only shows the current task: Idle for all citizens.

At first i have think i have break it with my translation :wink: but it think the new added translationhelp (for the most of the luacs - there are still some without the status_text_key) has a little issue xD

Sometimes you can see the actions of the hearthlings properly, but it does seem to be mostly broken. They have been working on fixing this one since the start of alpha 11 when it was showing nothing at all…


I can see the tasks as it is supposed to.

However, when a non-worker does a job that a worker would do - ex: carrying an item to a stockpile, etc - it is displayed as idle.

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Like mentioned i think the unfixed will be shown correct… I will test it tommorrow when im Home

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