(r-838) Permanent Morale Effect


As you can see from the screencap, Mooi is in the open and yet she’s decided she’s in a very cramped environment. The problem is, I have the banner of strength so this shouldn’t be an issue. She has had this effect ongoing for in-game days. I have observed that this effect persists no matter where she is on the map, even in the middle of an open room. Last I knew, it was supposed to go away when they reached an open space, but as you can see in her case it hasn’t left.

The mods I’m using are: Auto-harvest, BS, smart crafting, and miner profession.


Considering this piece of code:

function OpenSpaceObserver:_update()
   -- If we have the strength town bonus, we don't care about cramped spaces.
   local town = stonehearth.town:get_town(self._sv._entity:get_player_id())
   if town and town:get_town_bonus('stonehearth:town_bonus:strength') then

I’m going to guess that your hearthling had the thought, then your town got the bonus. The town stopped updating the cramped/spacious thoughts because it would not matter anymore.
I think they should add a small catch there to reset spacious thoughts once the banner bonus is first activated.


Thanks for the report, @Spell_Blade, and for finding the cause, @BrunoSupremo . Will be fixed in the next release (or the one after).

You’re welcome, @max99x. And love to you, too, @BrunoSupremo for finding it just that quickly.

I don’t know if something changed but I seem to have this effect despite having the banner of strength selected.