(R-780) Production Line Causes Lag (underwater mining slow)

Haven’t played in a while, as well as have a new rig, but I noticed tonight that I’m getting game stutters when I line up a bunch of things to be made. NVidia is showing that I’m still running at 170+ FPS, but the game moves like it’s running less than 30fps. Upon completing the list, it goes back to normal. Prior to the crafting system rewrite, this wasn’t an issue.

1516779796919.7z (2.7 MB)

Current Rig:

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Your lag disappears if I pause all mining. So it’s not related to crafting.
Still, it stutters too much, although it’s probably due to it being in the water :thinking:

I’ll poke @Albert to take a look at it.

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@SirAstrix I looked at your save and found that the water body is being heavily fragmented from the underwater mining. I added extra defragmentation code to it which should fix the problem in Alpha 24.

Thanks for posting your save game!


The fix actually made it into yesterday’s push of Alpha 23 and is live on all branches.


Unfortunately, I think it’s gotten worse. I started from an earlier save and restarted mining those same places, just for it to start great…and slow down the longer and longer they mined. It eventually got to an almost standstill before the finished.

Latest Save (2.8 MB)

Going to add a second save file to this, as even after mining is complete, because of the water level, the LUA is still going nuts.

Latest Latest Save (3.1 MB)

Also, I know this is marked “Resolved”, but it may want to be marked as “On Going”, unless you’d rather I start a new thread, @Relyss?

Have you tried in a new game?

I can change the category, yes. Thanks for the savefiles.

The improvements didn’t fix it completely, but it shouldn’t get to a standstill :confused:

This one was the water. I used IM to mine another chunk, and as soon the water level dropped a little more, it started playing ok.

@SirAstrix I’ll take a look at the saves and see what’s happening. Thanks for the follow up!


@SirAstrix Fixed for the next patch. However, your saves won’t be fixed immediately. If you mine another 620 blocks or so in this save, the defragmentation code will kick in and optimize the region.

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May I ask how you came up with that number?

That water body is fragmented into about 3100 rectangular prisms and the defragmentation code will kick in when the number of additive operations exceeds 20% of that number. After defragmenting, the region will only need about 200 rectangular prisms to represent it.