Quick Question - 'rooms' - help please


In the last Desktop Tuesday, it was discussed that any specific character’s home will have to be of a specific size so that it would have a large enough space at its home. would a 9x9 house be large enough, or would it need to be bigger? In other words, what is the minimum house size with that regard?

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Ok, I have attempted to find this out myself, but to no avail. I kindly request the help of an expert please!

Still, I cannot find an answer, anyone have an idea?

As long as it is not a 5x5 with no windows, you will not get cramped.

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Ok, Thank you very much!

So, anything larger than 5x5 (6x6, 7x7, etc) and with windows, that will not be a cramped house. Does furniture make any effect?

No, they only check for tall objects, anything that is just 2 blocks tall is not even counted, like chairs or beds.


Well, that’s actually a really good question, however, It’s one that’s not so cut and dry. If you look at the personal space Desktop Tuesday picture, there is a reference of scale to a hearthling’s personal space box.

I’m estimating it to actually be closer to 12x12 on top of this, windows do matter in their height placement inside homes as a fact of this box so your homes don’t have to necessarily be 12x12 or bigger for a hearthling to be happy. You just don’t want it to be too small and cramped for them.

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Thank you very much!

I was recently using 8x8 rooms mined out of the ground or the mountains. Each room had one bed, one wall lantern, and a door. All the hearthlings who were using those rooms had no complaints about cramped space.

Ok, so I made some hard tests, because just spitting numbers is not enough. The complexity of the room shape and the amount and positions of its windows are more important then the raw size of the building.

For these tests, I made a 7x7 (5x5 inside) with walls covered in windows. Got cramped anyway. (Probably because the 3 wide door requires a 1 space around it, which couldn’t be used to place windows, making that side less “open”)

A 8x8 (6x6 inside) full of windows got neutral, no thoughts about it. Here’s an image:

Then a 9x9 (7x7 inside) full of windows already gave the spacious thought! Image:

So, at the end, simple don’t bother with it, at least not to the point of changing your designs around it. After all, it is just a few seconds with that thought. When they leave the house it is just a matter of a few seconds before they update their thoughts and forget about how cramped or spacious it was.


Thank you very much!