Quick Ideas - A New Class and Ways to Improve your People

Hey there!,

Just had some quick ideas I wanted to share, and hopefully get your feedback on them. Whatever you guys think of these little ideas, please let me know!

  1. The King / Queen class:

For me, when building a medieval-type city, I always plan out to build the city itself behind walls, and then have a castle as an extension. The reasoning being for a castle is, if you don’t know, and not to go into the history of it all, but essentially, kings and or queens would rule over such cities, and would rule within these structures.

In this game however, the only king or queen, I would guess, is the player at large. However, you yourself aren’t represented in the game.

My idea would be to include a class to allow one of your Hearthlings to become a King and or Queen. I don’t want that much importance to go to this class, regarding gameplay value, but instead only complete two minor objectives. The first being to represent yourself in the actual game (maybe allow for some slight customization here; either with the clothing and or even how he/she looks), and the second objective would be, if you eventually reach a point in the game to gain access to a King or Queen, you could then click on the character and simply raise or lower taxes in your city.

Also, just as a ‘maybe’ here, but there could also be a perk for Kings/Queens, that when they are fighting alongside your footmen and archers, your soldiers get a slight boost, just for example, in health.

  1. Training:

One of my favorite things in a game, that is, in ‘medieval building-type games’ are the training dummies; typically built out of a bucket for a head, sandbags, sticks for the torso and arms, and a bullseye on the chest. I don’t know why… and I probably should seek help…

Either way though! With this game, not only would I find having that buildable item in the game amazing, but I would I love to see it have a purpose rather than just be for aesthetics. So, that leads into my idea…

The idea is to have buildable objects in the game that can raise (or if this were to go in-depth) or even lower your Hearthlings three attributes dealing with Body, Mind, and Soul. So for instance -

A Training Dummy can be used for soldiers to increase their Body attribute.

A Book can be used to increase the Mind attribute.

And (Although I’m not sure if any type of ‘priest’ is planned for the game), a ‘Priest’ could have a power to give sermons, and with it, over time, increase Hearthlings Soul attribute.

Then to balance this out, I don’t think you should be able to spam each of these items over and over again eventually to create all maxed out people. Rather, you could tell a soldier to focus on his Body, he’ll use the Training Dummy, and can only from now focus on building his Body. And, if necessary, any attribute being worked on can be upgraded by 1 to 2 points only… but that’s just another ‘maybe.’

And then lastly… just to throw out my SUPER-geeky ideas that are just for aesthetics…

  • Weapon Rack (Storage for only weapons and maybe even armor.)

(Hmm, I thought I had more, but I guess not.)

Whelp, there you go! Hope you guys liked the ideas and please let me know what you think below!

 Thanks for reading!
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Well the King/Queen should be yourself as a hearthling, and if you die you lose the village.
(This is not going to be added, maybe in the future due to fact i aint the developer.


You’re right. It’s more than likely not going to be added, but hey… nothing wrong with a few imaginative ideas!


As for your idea on the King / Queen representing you, that's the entire idea; along with the reasoning behind being able to customize this Hearthling.

And in regard to your idea on losing the village if the King or Queen dies; this could be a great little 'mini-game.'

Thanks for commenting!

Your formatting makes this post very difficult to read. I suggest only using the “code”/“pre” tag for preformatted text. the tag prevents word wrap on many displays.

Back to your ideas:

You might be interested in this post which suggests similar things:

In one of the twitch recordings, someone asks about kings, and the response was basically that they don’t want the game to require a king/queen, because not all towns are monarchies–people might want to build a hamlet or a monestary or other type of dwellings. But they didn’t seem against the idea of leaders in general. If I find the correct vidcast, I’ll try to post the link.