[Question]What are the Rarity Options


so i wanted to play around with modding and i found in scenarios/dynamic/immigration_scenarios that there was a rarity option so i ask @sdee, and @Tom what other options are there?


I’d assume they are to regulate how often the scenarios happen. A “common” scenario would have higher priority than a “rare” one. Seems logical, doesn’t it?

But who knows besides Radiant. :laughing:


Rarity in immigration… It might mean that you’d get more valuable citizens or more loot, depending on the rarity… But as Avarian put it, only RadEnt knows!


The rarity of a scenario, at the moment, determines how often the scenario spawns. Rarity within the immigration scenario determines how rare a given type of immigrant is. :slight_smile:

The scenario metadata may change quite a bit in the next few months, though, but you’re welcome to play around with it till it does.