Quality of Life Issues / Bugs

To preface this, I undertand 100% that this is still an alpha game and these may already be on the list of things to do.

Top Down View:
The camera in Stonehearth is currently quite restrictive, in a grid based game the ability to look directly down from the top view is important when trying to design layout. Any particular reason for the camera angle restrictions?

Ability to edit buildings after placement:
I built a wall that was 3x60, during construction they entombed one of the hearthlings. As there’s no way to edit buildings after placement my only options were to let her die or completely restart the build; either by loading an old save or having the hearthings deconstruct it. The trapped one would have obviously died long before they’d have finished removing it. I tried to add a door on the outside but that isn’t possible, also tried to make a hole using the mining/dig function which again, didn’t work.

Furniture placement during design:
When designing a new building the furniture tab only displays objects that you currently have in stock. Doors and windows will show as placeable even if you have none in stock; which are then placed once they’ve been made. Why isn’t furniture done the same way?

Furniture “bigger” than actually shown:
This seems more like a bug; either pathfinding or on the objects themself. Using beds as an example, they require more room then they actually show, in a setup like this, the two beds currently being used are the only ones the hearthlings are able to “reach” despite there being space below each bed. This is the actual size of the bed, requiring at least one of the red spaces remaining clear. Areas that must be free near furniture for it to be usable should be shown on the grid during placement, or at the least should block placement of anything else within the area.

Door placement directly onto cliff side:
The tunnel door should be placeable directly into the cliffside cave opening; at the moment you have to build a wall infront of the tunnel then place the door in that wall. It’s a bit… stupid…

Detailed Stockpile Sorting:
Wouldn’t hurt if the the catergory filters were more detailed; for example being able to split the plant filter further to allow one chest/stockpile for the herbs used by the healer and another for the silkweed used by the weaver; currently there’s no way to separate the two which forces you to build these workshops close together. Other examples would be stone vs wood furniture, leather armor vs worker outfits and ingots/ore/coal.

Inefficient Farming Zones
Current farming zones are 11x11 and produces 6 rows of actual farming plots, I’m guessing the idea was to have a gap between each row similar to how it’s done in real life. In a fantasy game with ents, golems and goblins, realism doesn’t need to be perfect; current design just wastes space. It also forces players to create a bunch of 1x11 sized zones if they want to farm efficiently, resulting in something like this, which in my opinion looks much better anyway.

This post ending up sounding like a bit of a rant, that was not the intent.

Some of these likely come down to personal preference so what are your thoughts?


Fully agree with the tunnel door! Building editing would be very, very nice! Right now if you use one of the prefab houses you cannot remove or alter the existing furniture until after it is built.

Finer granularity on the Stockpile/storage item filter would be awesome!

As for the beds, try turning them 90 deg. as they have to get into the side of the bed!

Is it not possible to place the door without using the build mode? Like we do with crates for example.

And can’t you remove planned furniture in the build mode using the erase button? I placed one bench wrong and could erase it using the eraser.


I’m able to place the tunnel door without needing to build a wall. I just place it in the world like I do any other crafted object. Click on the House icon in the toolbar, then click on the place object button (chair with a green arrow), then select the door and place it in the world.

Does that work for you?

+1: Furniture Placement during building design, editing buildings, camera angles (I, for one, want to be able to look at things from underneath as well; especially helpful when designing custom buildings), and advanced item sorting.

I am certain the building editor issues will get much better with the upcoming revision currently in the works.

Farming will likely get clearer too once they integrate it with water.


I am also able to place doors.