Project Zomboid


If you own Project Zomboid then you’ll (possibly) be pleased to hear that you can now receive a steam key for the game!

All the information you need can be found here:


oooh, nice… thanks! cant wait to see the achievements for PZ… :smile:


Reconjiggling this thread to contain just Project Zomboid discussion!

The latest update has meant that Multiplayer is now out in the wild!

So for those of us who do own Project Zomboid, this is all exciting stuff :smiley:

You can read about the latest update here:


you. me. scary zombie wasteland this weekend… i’ll bring the bat.


No offense or anything, but I just feel like this game is old. Like just from game-play perspective, it feels cheap like a off the shelf Walmart game. I love zombie games though, but this one is just god awful to me!

I’m glad you like the game though. =)


Well we’re all entitled to our opinions!

It’s definitely been a long time in development and it has gone through a hell of a lot of changes.

It’s really about that survival experience and whilst I can’t say I’ve truly delved into the game, when I have played I’ve found it enjoyable :slight_smile:


ive really only scratched the surface myself… but this is one of the few games in recent memory that has truly given me a legitimate scare while playing…

yes, even teeny pixelated zombies can be frightening… dont judge me! :smile: