Problem building a inside corner single wall

Problem building a inside corner single wall.
When trying to build a single wall, and making it so the scaffolds goes inside the corner, the ladders up go inside the other scaffold making them inassessible, and the constructors are not able to go to next ladders, they just cant get there, stopping the building alltogether.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. build a single wall, max length, x2, then make a corner
  2. if the scaffolds are built inside the corner the ladder is built inside the other scaffold
  3. if you have built another wall before the cornerpiece, the workers try to go from wrong scaffold to other, making them stuck.

can complete building by manually building another ladder, in between the scaffolds. (done in screenshot.)


Version Number and Mods in use:
release - 489 (x64)
System Information:


Welcome to discourse ! Building bugs are well known and the team is working on it :wink:
If you need to build some walls or houses, use the templates in game and build the walls one after one.