Premade and/or Community/User-made maps

To be honest, I am fine with the current features as of now, except for the map generation. The current biomes already look bland as is, but the way they generate is extremely repetitive, leaving me little room to be creative with my town builds; I always end up building flat towns despite my improved building skills because the terrain generation bores me to death, like the desert having only a big lump every fifty meters or the arctic biome having big mountains that end up feeling like just plateaus stacked on top of each other.

You know, a better alternative to map generation is the introduction of premade and/or Community/User-made maps, like a usermade coastal or mountainous area, not just another biome mod like the Achipelago and Anorien, even though they’re pretty cool.

This is simply my take on addressing the blandness of terrain generation overall, but additions/improvements similar to this would be highly appreciated.

There are community made biomes. Give them a try. Many are lovely but you should make sure they’re up to date for the current version. Some don’t have the new seasons implemented.

Beyond that any and all terrain generation could be solved with the new landmark system. Which allows you do have randomly placed changes to the landscape, not that hard to mod in either if you have the inspiration :), I’d say go for it!