Praise - Stonehearth Mod Manager

OK, upload!!!

Can you help me modify the MOD title? Delete " - " symbols



Sorry been a little busy today, I’ll give it a go soon :slight_smile:


All done, oddly enough i think the file upload cap maybe 10mb not 2mb which should help, i’ll try some testing :wink:

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My mod was 3 mb and was fine.


Well i’m not too sure what’s going on but I’ve put in a limit of 10MB again. I’ll keep monitoring.

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Hey there @Praise

I’ve been working on a similar little project in my free time, completely oblivious to the fact that you already existed :fearful:

In any case, I found your thread here while looking around for information about mods, and almost immediately thereafter I was informed by @8BitCrab and @jomaxro of your progress on this project :slightly_smiling:

I wanted to see if you’d be interested in collaborating, I’ll point you to the thread I’m talking about here

NOTE: I’m not trying to cross-promote AT ALL. If you want me to take that link down I absolutely will, I just figured it’d be easier than typing the whole explanation again :stuck_out_tongue:

But the TL;DR of it all is that I’ve been working on a dedicated site for publishing/browsing/discussing Stonehearth mods, and now that I’m aware of your efforts I’d be glad to talk about collaborating if you’d be interested! (I’ve got user-account-infrastructure, storage database, clean/intuitive UI, forum infrastructure, all that jazzy-jazz already tested and working), If you’re not interested I totally understand! I just wanted to throw this out there because I figured we’re both working towards the same goal, so why not combine our efforts :slight_smile:

Again, NOT at all trying to cross-promote here (that’s why I’m not mentioning the name or URL of my site or anything, and if you want me to take any of this post down just ask and I’ll do it immediately :slightly_smiling:


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Hi all

I’ve just been made aware that there was a problem with Praise DB where the host decided to drop one of the database engines i was using which caused the tables to fail, thankfully not all the tables were affected.

The one that will affect everyone the most is that all of the registered users no longer exist :frowning: so please re-register, for mod owners please pm me a new password as i’ve gone through and re added you.

Sorry to be a pain in the a…

Hi @Tyler

I’ve held off replying to you as i have had lots of things on my plate and wasn’t too sure how to reply yet, i’m not ready to collaborate yet though i do believe it is in the interest of community. Right now i will have to decline I’m sorry to say, i’d be happy if you wanted to make suggestions or work on your own project much like @Tom_Erbe is doing but i’m not in a place to rework the Praise Client or too happy to give up what i’ve worked on.

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Don’t be sorry! I totally understand :slightly_smiling:

THAT I hear you on. Yeah I wasn’t trying to jump in and “bandwagon” on any of the great work you’ve done, I hope it didn’t come off like that :worried: I just figured that as these projects grew, so would the demand for our attention, and I thought it might be cool to join forces. But seriously, I completely understand, and know that the offer is always open if you just want to talk about it :relaxed:


Thanks :slight_smile: it didn’t seem like you were trying to jump :slightly_smiling:

Hopefully in the not too distant future i can re evaluate things.

I guess what i understand is that maybe the design and layout isn’t the most exciting…if you or anyone wants to show a browser based css overide that i could adopt that would be cool, skinning the website is something i’ve spent very little time on (obviously hah), I have a list of things i want to do and am working on but…other commitments right now blah blah, i tried to push to get something up and running and now i can back off but so everyone knows it is still being maintained though (i hope) it wasn’t in question too :slight_smile:


I hope so too! :slightly_smiling:

So I (albeit hesitantly) posted this letting people know about it officially:

Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think (if you want to), but I was providing that link more just to show you what I’ve been working on so you might get a sense for what I meant :slightly_smiling: (also I wanted to note that I’m hosting my own private web servers to house all of the website data and mods, so that might be a solution to your storage issue).

Anyways, like I said, the door is always open if you wanted to discuss any possibilities :slight_smile:


100th post! woo \o/

Anyway, i just added a basic search area and search page.


and fixed a bug with images and added a font styling :slight_smile:


@Praise You’d mentioned wanting non-freeware hosting? I might be able to help! I’m a web developer/designer and have a VPS Server with Dreamhost that I could set you up an account on, if you’d like to try it. No charge, of course :slight_smile: You’d probably want to buy a domain name if you go that route long-term, but they’re cheap.


Hi Mizzy, that sounds great but I think I’ll have to decline right now, I don’t have the time right now to update the app to accommodate a different host.

It’s more that I need a free webhost with a bigger file uploading limit or at least allows me to edit the php ini, anyway I appreciate the offer, what I should probably do is set up a donate button to help with the cost of buying hosting and a domain but I don’t like that idea so much either as its not for profit and various other reasons, maybe I’ll just buy some hosting as a treat for Easter if I land my perm job :wink:

Any I’ve gone off topic

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Let me continue taking this trail off topic ;). If you can access the cPanel for your host, sometimes they allow you to increase the upload limit in there. I know my paid hosting ignore any overrides but provide an easy way of increasing the limit through the cPanel.

But anyway I’ll let the trail go back to the purpose of this thread :wink:


Thanks Tom!

Back on topic, I added support for wip/live mods, wip mods shouldn’t show for download in the client :slight_smile:


Updated searching support for Live/WIP mods.

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Added (read:fixed) support for renaming your mod (finally)

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Added a ‘My Profile’ page…here you can update your email address or choose a new password (or both) you can also see a list of all the mods you’ve made to make finding them easier.

Note: this is just the beginning, I hope to add some other things here in the future but it’s a start. :slight_smile:


added Profile pages as well now.

when clicking on a user’s name you get a list of their mods as well as a link to their discourse profile.

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