Potions Overhaul

After some playing, I was wondering, Is there a way to make poitons AoE or individual? And as for AoE Potion, the less heartlings affected, the longer the duration, or make it have effects only on a designed job.

Sorry if anyone already made this question, I just don’t found it and made myself one.

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Possible for individuals: yes
But it would take some doing, you could even make it so the potions would be visable on their belt.

The tricky part comes from making a buff, that triggers during certain circumstances where you would want a hearthling to use said potion.

(in simple terms, you would make the potion a sort of armour that takes up a slot you would call potion, the “armour” that looks like a potion would be around the belt area and would give a buff to the hearthling that triggers at a certain time, and as an extra effect deletes the enquiped potion

I know all Stepps EXCEPT the lua for the potion stuff. Its why I haven’t made it yet (next to time constraints, still moving house…)

@Wouter_Sikkema if you wanted to collaborate on that, I’d be interested in helping out and can do some lua programming.

@illdred I’m all for that! Currently still to busy but if you want to start I can still give pointers and where one would have to start etc.

First thing I’d start with is ideas for single-hearthling usable potions and when they should trigger, followed by models (both the on belt and on floor versions)

here is a mod (not tested) perhaps this helps?

Thanks @Wouter_Sikkema, @illdred and @Wiese2007 for replying.
Giving an example for what I’m looking for, is like using the actual potions, but choosing a heartling or a group, in case of parties.
And if possible, can the effect of potion or any item permanently increase stats, like willpower, courage, etc, and stacks with increased stats if more used?