How work Buffs?

Looking trought the files of the Stonehearth-smod file i found the buffs. I know they increase/reduce kinds like courage, healthy for your Hearthlings.

But i have some questions about them…

  1. wich buffs exist? Is there a list of possible buffs?
  2. more important. I want to make a backpack model to increase the amount of items a Hearthling can handle. Is this possible to make this with the buffs?
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Yes. Check /data/buffs

Yes. There is multiple ways to do this. To do using buffs, you can check the upgraded worker outfit, that adds a buff when equipped.

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Love the idea :slight_smile:

Is it possible to make carts, acting as storage but able to move to a new location by itself?

Either triggered by manual command or triggered when full/empty?

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But for now i have only seen buffs that adds courage, speed and so one. Not how much items a Hearthling can collect. I also don’t know how to find the code line that defines this for the citizens

I believe the Trapper has a level-up bonus that grants the ability to carry more items in their backpack.
Unless I am incorrect on this, I think this might give some valuable information on this topic :slight_smile:

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Ohh yes this could be true!! Thx will look at the code right now. Thx