Possible Steam Community Workshop? +Sandbox?

“Possible Suggestion for Radiant-Entertainment”

#Sandbox Feature

#Workshop -

Hello my name is Zee and im a huge fan of StoneHearth.
I play it probably enough to understand many of the Bugs in the game.
I feel Radiant Entertainment are doing an Amazing job with the game and i always get Excited for
Every new Update, And every update to come.

But there’s something missing from Stonehearth. Such as The "Steam Community Workshop"
I have “Some” Experience with the Workshop. Using it to get Skins/Music/Models/Mods ect. for Different Games.

If Radiant Entertainment added the Ability to have the Workshop, People could easily install mods, Install Schematics for Buildings, Add So much to the Community.

#Sandbox -

To all the fellow builders out there, a Sandbox “Build Feature” would be Amazing to see in an Up coming update.

This Feature could add as follows -

*New Button to -HomeScreen
*Ability to Create Any Schematic to Share
*Button switch from Built View to Ghost View
*Shows the Resources Needed to Create
*Ability to Place any Objects in/on Any of the Surfaces. Eg. Windows on Walls made from Individual Blocks


Thanks for Reading my possible Suggestion for any new Features in the Future.
I know Radiant is Working hard all the time but i just hope i can influence anybody at Radiant to maybe Test if any of these features would work.

Zee OR Benjamin


Unsure if I heard right, so correct me if I am wrong, but those 2 items i think they mention having something along those lines in the future. It is more of a when than anything though.

I would love to have the Sandbox option, or well a builder function in the main menu. To make, delete, and organize blueprints in categories before going into game.

Workshop to me would be just a bonus, as I am primarily waiting for things to get to the beta stage in which they will have the majority of the systems & things they want to include in the base game already in. So I haven’t taken up using any of the lovely mods that are out there already.

good ideas though. :slight_smile:


Yes i do think they have probably mentioned something across these lines in the past, I tried looking around for posts or anything relating to this Topic… But no luck.

I think workshop would be one of the best features not only for schematics but for Safe and Legit Mod downloads and Easy installations.
And the Sandbox feature would encourage players to Build whats on there minds instead of Quick Thinking on the spot to Save there town.

And to Open up a whole community to Consistently produce Amazing works of art. Not just Housing and Accommodation for there Hearthlings.

All i can say is i cant wait for the Radiant team to Implement Such features, As well as the Other Promised features… Such as Dwarfs, Multiplayer, ect.
So im pumped to see whats to come in the next Update.

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Aye. Probably why you can’t find discussion of it is probably looking in the wrong place. Where I heard mention or hint of it in the future was one of their past twitch streams. Couldn’t tell you which one, but it was more of a reply to someone asking such a feature.

I agree it will encourage some to build what is on their mind, but more over I think quite a few would use it to build a style set they want to go with for a session or so. Well something like that.

Me personally I always build what is on my mind or think up things in the main game. Probably why I don’t play hard mode… Don’t really like building on peaceful, as I like the occasional activity happening. I think I use peaceful for testing out buildings… Another reason to have the sandbox thingy, so I can test out buildings and the like, maybe… Regardless, I don’t really need quick thinking since I pause the game usually till I am finished with a building; usually doing it somewhat modular to ensure things build.

I am always enjoying what each update brings, as it is closer and more things to tinker with. Plus gives more ideas with what to build. :slight_smile:

Inspiration is an image designed in the moment it was conceived.

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Very true, And i don’t think that this feature should be implemented as soon as possible.
I see it as something to implement in the Future, when the game is more Fleshed out and people can play a world for a very long while.
And its not like i don’t understand thinking on the spot can be the best of people’s inspiration, I just think for people who want to Design Constantly and Consistently it would be right for.

And agreed the Workshop wouldn’t be used by a lot of people at first, but would only be used by Mod makers for the first phase of the Workshop.

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