Playing on macOS Catalina (10.15) without 32-bit support

I want to download this game from Steam, but the Steam page warns that it is not compatible with Mac 10.15 and up (which dropped support for 32-bit apps, only supporting 64 now). Is there really no way to play the game with an updated Mac? I thought I read somewhere of individuals who were playing this game in 64 bit, so can’t I do that, and if so, why does Steam have the warning on its page that it won’t work?

I’m sorry I can’t provide you much help when it comes to macOS because I don’t use it, but at least for Windows the default version of the game IS 64-bit. You have to change it in the settings to run it as 32-bit… So, I’m assuming that the same is true for the mac version
As far as I know, it should just be 64-bit by default.

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