Placing seed. ghost of tree is huge because model is downscaled

So as the title says i have implemented my own tree model in my biome and i have downscaled it to 0.3 so i could get better details, but when i want to place a dropped seed it shows the ghost in its original unscaled size.

Is there anyway to get around this? Or do i need to make a normal smaller detailed dummy version just for this?

That would look so bad, so i hope there are some kind of code i can add?

Thank you.

You can scale down the ghost the same way you did the normal entity. Go into its ghost file and add the render_info with the proper scale you want. (the ghost from the seed)

aha, i guess the problem is i dont have a ghost file, since it is a tree… is it just the same as for example decorations?

No, the seed ghost. It is using the tree moel, but you also need to add the render_info in it to set the ghost scale


ahh i see it now, yes… thank you @BrunoSupremo! :slight_smile: