Placing Doors and Windows

I like to help and tell other what I did to make it work so they dont need to rip their hair off from the head because they getting crazy because then they will look like me :smiley:

Bald but not because of ripping my hair off :smiley:

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I have edited my steps alittle so it bacame more understandable or how to say… I am a tired Swede that needs to go to sleep thats why I forget some words… :smiley: but I will keep on playing little bit more… Guess I will be tired at work tomorrow :)… 11:55 PM now

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Thanks for showing this Kythandra i just uploaded a video to spread this :slight_smile:

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something is wrong with the forum…

I am trying to write new steps and when I am writing the steps as numbers like step 1 and so on… it comes back the same number like 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 instead of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 like I wrote it … hmm strange …

I wanted space between the meanings or what it is called but then it started from number 1 again

I can’t help you with that. I sometimes have problems with it too :slight_smile:

Have Fun, Kyth.

I guess your guide is good but I didnt got it to work with the slab and door or did you had problems with them as well?
Leave your guide as it is and I will try it again tomorrow.
Thanks for the credit :slight_smile:
liked the video that Banto sent. :slight_smile: time to zzzz

I just want to tell that your guide still works but you need to leave the window where you are editing after you delete the slabs I thought that you still could be in that window and click at finished editing… My way was toooooo crazy but it works sometimes but hard to succeed :smiley: your way is much easier … take the credits back I dont deserve it :smiley: but you do :smiley:

I think that I will delete my “crazy guide” now but add on your guide that the player need to leave the building designer window after deleting the slabs and not only click on the ghost window when you are in edit and then click on the “ghost window” again… tired and crazy people like I was yesterday dont get it LOL

I wait for you to say if you want me to delete it or not or maybe you can flag it when you see it… maybe funny reading for other players :smiley:

another thing… I used to play this game last year or 2014 and found tutorials on youtube about basements for the houses and edit rooms on exsisting buildings but now when I am looking for that tutorial I cant find them… do you know where they are?

EDIT !!! : I found it and it was not on youtube it was here Basement/cellar tool … I am tired again and only searched for a video tutorial on youtube and not screenshots… LOL

Leave it for now. I tried your way yesterday and it worked for me. Tomorrow, I’ll test it again to double check the exact procedure (way too late to do it now). I’ll let you know then. thanks :wink: I just changed the first post edit, btw.

Have Fun, Kyth.

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