Pillars of Eternity

As I sit here wishing and waiting for the latest patch for Pillars of Eternity I’ve been wondering if anyone else in our little community has been playing this game?

I’ve played probably the first few hours and although the game is a bit tedious in areas (for my taste) it seems like an overall very solid game. I’m Waiting on the newest patch to come out so I can restart and put what I’ve learned thus far to good use.

It is one of those games I really wish I kickstarted.

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at the moment i play it and i am at act3 (i think the last) ^^

I’ve tried it out, yeah. It’s a good game for sure. I’m not sure how I feel about the combat. It’s brutal and definitely punishes you for mistakes and especially for not having a full or proper party composition. I tried to go down into the destroyed temple in the first town you encounter with three people in my party including myself. Terrible idea. I survived the first set of electricity wielding wisps before having to go back to the inn for healing. When I went back I could only do one room of the dungeon at a time before running back to the inn yet again. So yeah…tedious and I have to wonder if it’s really necessary to have enemies that can knock your character who’s supposed to be able to handle melee combat well (sword and shield) to half HP in seconds.

I’d rather blame myself for using poor strategy or tactics than the game first and it takes some time to get a grasp of the hundreds of spells and skills.

The beginning of the game felt easy but as soon as you get to the town they certainly wind up the difficulty unless you’ve got a proper # in your party with the most ideal gear, skills, and spells outfitted. I mean even with 3 people in my party I got torn to shreds by 6 wild boars. With all their spell wielding and my druid’s werewolf ability we couldn’t manage 6 wild boar.

I’d hate to come across a fricken dragon at this point… :scream: :fire: :dragon:

As someone who never got the opportunity to play the original baldurs gate games and is it Icewind dale? And those other isometric traditional rpgs I find the idea of pillars eternity both exciting and terrifyingly overwhelming.

I really want to play something I can sink my teeth in to but it just seems like there’s so much to know ya know?

If you’re not sure it’s for you there’s always Youtube videos and Twitch streams to see if it’s something you could sink hours into. Plus the beta features of Steam allowing you to watch games people are broadcasting, comes in pretty handy.

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@Geoffers747 - It appears this game’s system is a bit unique compared to even those older titles. It boasts that min/maxing isn’t priority and made a lot of different decisions on things like crafting and stat points. I myself haven’t played them before and only know CRPGS from a hand full of old Japanese titles, and the divinity series.

I can definitely attest that the game is frustrating at certain points. I’m really making the effort to try to enjoy this title for what it is though. The new patch seems to want to help those of us who don’t want to play in a gigantic party and cater to those wanting to solo or only use a few characters. With those changes in mind I’m going to try to do a complete run on Easy with only 2 or 3 characters.

The reddit seems like a pretty good resource as there seems to be a lot of people who have already broke the game in terms of finding all the min/max tricks.

I think it will be a game that I probably only ever beat on easy due to the the investment this sort of game takes in terms of time, and learning. If I really enjoy it I may learn to master it and then venture into the higher difficulties. I’m thinking that my first complete playthrough of the game will probably get into the 40 hour range due to reading everything and exploration.


I’m watching a lets play by quill18. 16 episodes into it, about 6-7 hours and he is yet to go into that ruin in the first town.
I would say that if you have to take a room at a time you should play other parts of the game and come back when you and the party is stronger.

If you are unsure of if it will be to much may i recomend you check out “quill18” on youtube? He has videos bouth about the diferent mechanics(spoiler free) and a lets play with 16 episodes to date.

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there is quite a bit of material for a player to consume, and getting started can seem a bit intimidating… but while they clearly pay homage to the IE games of yore (can’t believe you haven’t played these!), the team at Obsidian have done a masterful job of easing the player (both new and old) into the game…

granted, I am only a few hours into Act I, but the quality, depth and potential are already extremely impressive…

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I would advise that everyone takes a few hours today just to play the first bits of the game with different characters to get a grasp on the mechanics and how they work. The devs have confirmed the patch that will fix some major game breaking bugs, balance issues, etc… will be landing some time today…

There is a few classes you can be as a main character that there is no unique follower for (although you can pay to make a follower from scratch but their dialogue isn’t unique) - I would suggest trying those out.

The patch notes can be found Patch Notes: 1.03 - Obsidian Forum Community

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Apparently the patch is now live on Steam. As for the GoG version there is a lot of talk that it may a few days.

Unfortunately I bought the GoG version.

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Looked at it, but not buying it yet (if only because of the big price tag on Steam :frowning: ). Looks interesting, but whether it’s worth getting… hmm, just don’t know.

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i feel the same about it…

New patch is busted too. I may have to scrap my plans on playing this over the long weekend. I hope they can get it all sorted out the mob is getting angry.