Personal Assertion Failed Error Crashing Multiplayer Server


This has happened a couple times seemingly at random, but I can’t tell what is triggering it. I did not think quick enough to screenshot the error, and trying to replicate it in my own server doesn’t seem to be working.

I’m not sure how much is logged so it’s worth noting that I tried to replicate the error unsuccessfully after it happened twice. So the latest session should be error free.

stonehearth.log (93.1 KB)


crash.dmp (151.2 KB)

Versions and Mods:

Latest determination multiplayer build, no mods aside from the default (Rayya’s Children).

System Information:

Windows 7 (no service packs)
GTX 1080ti
Dell S2417DG YNY1D

Have you attempted basic troubleshooting steps here:

No, but it’s not a startup issue.


I’m curious what you’re relying on in SP1 for Windows 7. I haven’t had luck with service packs on this PC so I’d like to look into snagging libraries one by one if possible. I do recall a /cpp/ folder in the error so I was thinking it was some C++ library or something. The error looks to be my own problem with not having any service packs, but I feel like reporting it is a good idea since it causes the server someone else is hosting to crash.

Thanks for the report, and especially for providing the crash dump. The crash is in the rendering code, and while it’s hard to tell exactly what happened without more context, I’ve added an extra check for the next release around the part that’s failing, which may be able to prevent this. However, if you are connecting to someone else’s server, this error should certainly not affect them. If it does, it would be useful for us to get more context. E.g. the error message, log, or crash dump from the server.

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I will definitely screenshot the error if/when I see it again. As for the server crash file, @Unreal_Gam3er was the host and I’m pretty sure there were other sessions afterward (no idea if that matters).