Option for Key managment

It is possible a option for manage de key ? i have a french user with a azerty keyboard…
A single file in Texte format ex :
move up : Z
move down : S
Stop time : &
Time 1x : é
Time 2x : " , 3 <— , for additional key.

It is not hard i think in lua.
I dont need a button in the game for now.

for the speed its the file stonehearth\ui\game\widgets\game_speed\game_speed.js and for the hotkeys of the menu: \stonehearth\ui\game\start_menu\start_menu.js ^^

but i dont know where the hotkeys for the normal movement are hidden ^^

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Hello everyone.

I’ve tried to search for a solution because it seem that I can’t edit in anyway my keybinds for AZERTY.
Found an old mod from 2014, but not updated anymore.
That’s all.

So, is there a solution other than switch the layout in windows everytime I Alt/tab or an ahk script that will be stuck when more than 1 keys are pressed in the same time ?
Edit a file in the game directory for example ?

Sorry if I’ve missed a relevant topic for my problem.

hey there @Atropine,welcome to the discourse :smile:

sadly there currently isn’t a way to change the key bindings :disappointed_relieved:

but i’m pretty sure the team plans to add a way to change them in the future…

Okay, the positive thing is that I’ve learned a new thing with windows and the lang bar to be a bit more friendly.

I’ve always set my bar with 2 lang and 1 layout in each like that
US -> QWERTY keyboard
FR -> AZERTY keyboard
Sadly, if you play, and you want to chat, you have to change the layout each time.

But when we set a unique langage with 2 layout in it like that :
FR - - >AZERTY keyboard
- >QWERTY keyboard
It will switch to AZERTY by defaut on all app, but keep the QWERTY on an open app if you changed it at least one time since it was first opened.

So, each time I launch the game, I set it 1 time to QWERTY and that’s all.

Little thing that I would know before. So much time lost.
I’m a little ashame for not knowing this. (on windows since 3.11 workgroups ^^)

EDIT: and thanks 8bitcrab for your answer