One-click crafting, easier object moving, and auto-ladders

  1. Single-click to bring up crafting menu: 99% of the time, when i click on a crafting station (e.g. carpenter’s workbench, loom, etc.), it’s because i want to add something to the queue of items being produced (and not move the station to a new location). However, it takes me two clicks to do this, because i first have to click the object, then have to click the anvil in the bottom left hand corner. These clicks add up when you are frequently switching between crafting stations to make sure all of your hearthlings stay busy. Even if you prefer to reach your crafting menus via the bottom-center toolbar, that still requires 2 clicks, so it isn’t any faster. It would streamline the UI immensely to a) have the crafting menu automatically pop up when you single click on the crafting station, or b) have some other way of only requiring one click (e.g. double-clicking, right-clicking)

  2. Faster way to move objects: While it is okay to have to click on an object and then click the “move” button for items you don’t move very often, it becomes a pain when, say, you are trying to move a bunch of the flowers or berry bushes closer to your farm, or when you are trying to build a picket fence, and it takes 3 clicks to move each object. It would streamline the UI a lot to be able to move things in just 2 clicks (that is, click the object then click the destination location). Perhaps a shift-click feature would work in this case (i.e. pressing shift then clicking on an object lets you move the object without having to click on the ‘move’ button separately).

  3. Auto-ladders: Whenever I mine downwards, I sometimes forget to check on my hearthlings for a while, only to come back and find 5 of them trapped at the bottom of the hole they just dug, waiting for me to build them a ladder out. This is annoying, because even if you know you are going to need a ladder, you can’t build it beforehand, and you thus have to remember to come back at the right time. If the hearthlings could simply build their own ladder to get out of holes the just dug, that would make a lot of sense and would avoid the annoying realization that your villagers have been stuck at the bottom of a hole for 2 days.


I would really love to see some hotkeys to get to the crafting interface a little faster, but thankfully thats all on your UI menu bar now so it is a little easier then clicking the workbench itself.

Again, hotkeys would make it easier to move objects, but i could totally see a move object tool being added.

Auto ladders would be dangerous, the game isn’t programmed to think, oh, this is a mine, let me build a ladder here and only here. Instead the ui is setup to see all terrain blocks pretty much the same way (currently) and you’d end up unable to defend yourself against enemies because that one hearthling, lets call him bob, decided to build a ladder over your wall because in his ai, he was stuck. It could be dangerous.


Oh no :fearful: you have to click 3 times instead of 2!

Lol no harsh feelings, I feel the same way.