Object Placement Bug

I tried to play Rayya’s Children and encountered some severe placement errors.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Rayya’s Children in the current build and place a blueprint and build it.Sometimes this bug happens on built roads as well when you try to place a container…
  2. Undeploy all Objects and replace them.
  3. Hearthlings will deliver the Object but dont place it. They’ll instead only drop it and a different Hearthling will collect it later.

I played NA before and never had this problems.

All other Objects in this Screenshots have been placed during building process… but if you pick them up you can’t put them down again.

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I had this same problem with the Ascendancy. I generally like to build empty houses and decorate them later, but can’t do this anymore because of this bug.

Me too. I sometimes use premade blueprints and change the layout later. But this does not seem to work any longer. Or I delete every object in the blueprint and build the house and arrange furniture later manually… But this does not work too.

I quickly checked with the Ascendancy… same problem. yes.

EDIT: It seems the problem is fixed for now when you don’t use console command ib. But if you use ib the problem still exists in the new build release 880.

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Instabuild is intended as a debugging tool and is not being maintained to work properly in all cases for actual gameplay.

Yes but as I said the error occured withouth using ib as well. This seems to be fixed in the current build. But to test it several buildings had to been built and this costs time. And testing it with all possible combinations of playable race and biome takes really much time withouth ib. Using ib to test if this error has been fixed is not possible. So the debugging tool is not useful to test. There are still some errors left in the game. We have to find them all before 1.0 or at least if 1.1. is released in december or they maybe stay forever… That’s the intention. A debugging tool needs to work to enable people to test.

But ib isn’t really intended to test the building system - it skips over a lot of it and just pastes in the template. It’s a tool that allows you to more easily test other parts of the game by not having to wait for your buildings to be built, and since insta-building buildings isn’t a supported feature of the game, whether or not that works perfectly in all cases isn’t really an important thing to test. By all means, please keep giving feedback for the actual builder, I’m just pointing out (in response to you saying “the problem is fixed for now when you don’t use console command ib”) that problems that happen exclusively with ib aren’t considered an issue.

The main bug report was for the former version of a build where placement bugs (and I repeat) happend withouth using ib. As I said this seems to be fixed for now at least i did not notice other errors with placement bugs. I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with the ib. No one is talking about ib as main problem.

I made one little comment to point out that ib not working properly isn’t considered a problem, since you didn’t mention whether you were manually building or insta-building your buildings when you had the problem, and you did say

which added ambiguity to whether any of the report was relevant. In order to make sure everyone was on the same page, I pointed out that ib isn’t a good metric for building system functionality. You then posted

which I let slide, even though you never actually said that, and went on to answer your post about why you think ib should be completely functional for testing purposes:

I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with ib. You’re the one bringing it up. And as far as I can tell, that’s where the only problem is.


I thougt it was clear that I would not talk about ib when talking about those placement bugs. Especially

when i wrote build it. I did not say use instant build.

So I felt a little confused about your ib talk. Because I did not use ip while having those placement issues in a former build. Then the build changed and according to the patchnotes something related to this problem was fixed. I confirmed, that this problem seemed to be fixed in the current build when bulding normal but still remains in the ib which i used for testing purposes in the new build. but because so many bugs still remaining in the game a working test tool would be great to find other bugs.

So apologies but I think we talked past each other which lead to misunderstandings.