Oak Saplings not being placed if stored in a chest


I had 50 oak saplings in a stone chest, and asked my hearthlings to place them in the world. They wouldn’t do it until I moved the saplings to a standard stockpile area.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get oak saplings from a farm, put them in a stone chest.
  2. Ask oak saplings to be placed in the world. Hearthlings don’t do it.
  3. Move the saplings from the chest to a standard stockpile zone.
  4. Now the hearthlings pick them up and place them in the world.

Expected Results:

Beautiful trees.

Actual Results:

A barren land !



Version Number and Mods in use:

A16, no mods.

System Information:

Win 10 64b.


Many of my items don’t get placed while in a chest. If I wanted to place a bed and they don’t. Sometimes they will place it if you unselect it from the storage options(which items you want stored in that container).

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Yeah, I ran into this with an Anvil - I wasn’t able to get it to place, so I just had to make a new anvil.