Not Getting Daily Updates

On day 18 of Deepmun I noticed that I hadn’t gotten a Daily Update in awhile. I waited until day 20, and I still haven’t gotten one. All of my other Notifications seem to be working fine.

Steps to reproduce:
Play until day 18 (I was on peaceful if that matters).

Expected Results:
I thought I would keep getting Daily Updates like I was before.

Actual Results:
I stopped getting Daily Updates.

Versions and Mods:
Release 393. No Mods.

System Information:
Windows 8.1

welcome to the discourse @NeonRose,

though i dont think its whats happening here, i do know that if you wait to long to check the daily update it will disappear, could that perhaps be whats happening?


Did you by any chance load an old save, from before 393? Also, how many people did you have when you stopped getting updates?


I do remember in one playthrough where I was doing nothing but testing builds (using the IB command, so all I really needed was a good level carpenter and mason to make the decorations, both of which didn’t take long to get). I hadn’t checked the first daily update till maybe day 10, and afterwards I just didn’t get any daily updates. I didn’t really worry about it much, since I wasn’t focusing on improving my village, simply getting building templates made to improve any future villages I may make in a normal playthrough.


Hm, when I play, I always click on the daily update button as soon as it becomes available. Perhaps if anyone has a moment, test what happens if you ignore a daily update completely. Does the next one arrive on time?


I did load an old save. Is that the problem? It’s never happened before, and since it wasn’t a big update I didn’t think there would be a problem.

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If the save was started during A10 but before the first A10 update from a couple weeks ago, then the daily update got changed and will not trigger in the new version. However, it should work if the game was created after the first A10 update.


I tested this in r393, just in case. The daily update seems to disappear at midnight, but a new one comes the next day at the usual time. Also, you can decline the daily update and it will ask again the next day. So no problems.


Thanks for testing this! Well, I guess we’ll have to keep an eye out for what might be causing this behavior, if it persists.

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