Nordlingmod, new update!


Well spotted and sorry about that!
It’s because the ace mod currently overwrites the base game anvil instead of mixing in to it, I spoke with the people making ace like @DaniAngione and they are aware of the issue :wink: for now the work around is to aquire an ascendecy anvil either through trade/multiplayer or via the debug tools untill this is fixed


Instead of waiting I took a look into the code, and made a fix: Bugfix/blacksmith by AlfredBroda · Pull Request #5 · Thahat/nordlingmod · GitHub
It is a bit hackish, because it makes copies of every problematic recipe and changes the anvil to use the Nordling one. It works though…
I also fixed the ingots that had a similar problem, I’m just not sure if maybe the Nordlings should have a separate furnace for smelting ores.
Are you open to some ideas? I’m working on a throwing spear right now. :wink:


Yes I am! @ ideas, I gotta say though, I think ace just pushed an update today? I was under the assumption that push fixed the problem XD
I’ll have to check.

Currently working on a little treat myself (I’m letting the basic workers cook some basic things themselves)

Personally I didn’t go for that fix because it means if you wanted to use a traded anvil you couldn’t, but in my version any anvil equivilant to the default one works. Then again… There aren’t really any other kingdom mods that are as far as mine in the specialised stuff XD, so it might be a good in between fix, I’ll see about pulling it if the ace thing hasn’t been fixed yet

Edit: you have been thorough though XD, so many changes XD.


The fix that fixes your problem was actually pushed just now :smiley:


Will you upload a non steam download link? I will be very pleased… thanks


@mattsweet i usually just do steam but, you can download all my stuff from my github

is the one for the nordlingmod. should be easy enough to download and use in a non-steam mods fashion. probably jsut dumping the extracted files in a folder in the mods folder would do -shrug- cant really remember the other way atm, but let me know if you can get this to work or not


It works. Thanks! I extraceted files into mod folder! Great mod!


Glad you got it to work :)! Enjoy!


you can post this link in the main post, it will lead people to a zip file containing your mod folder. They should be able to figure out what to do with it after that.