No Traders, definetly a bug

I played singleplayer with a few mods and there is no trader appearing, not even when I use the market stall or the “call” command. When I use the “call” command, then it say “error” : “could not dispatch [funktion fn:some-random-number route:undefined]”

Steps to reproduce:
I have no clue… just use the following collection of mods I guess?

Expected Results:
Traders apper randomly and when using the market stall/ “call” command

Actual Results:
No Traders Appear

It Also doesen’t work in Multiplayer, even tho I have different mods there

Attachments: (5.6 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
1.0 (newest Version without the beta-branches)
Steam Collection: Steam Workshop :: Multiplayer mit David


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