No rain visuals on rainy day with rain sound playing

Weather icon shows the “Water! Water from the sky!” entry (lol) and I hear the sound effect, but there is no visual. Have saved / quit / reloaded a couple of times. Save file attached.

Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods. Latest Alpha steam channel, 0.24.0 r843 x64

System Information:
Win7 x64 (4.1 MB)

Do you have high quality graphics on in settings?

Same happened to me. Both qualities had invisible rain.
Was it in the first day too? I was just testing things restarting all the time, it happened when I started and rainy was the first weather.

In other days it loaded ok.

Yes, I think it was the first day. On subsequent days, in both normal rain and storms, it’s been fine. (I was on high quality).

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Thanks for the report. This is fixed in the next release.

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