Lighting and thunder won't stop

After the weather report has changed from stormy to windy, the sky cleared up but the thunder wouldn’t stop.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait for stormy forecast
  2. See if it continues after the forecast has changed


Version Number and Mods in use:
Beta r862 Unstable
Archipelago Biome mod
Better Storage mod
Box Command Tool mod
Smart Crafter Mod

  • Is it just thunder or also lightning?
  • Does saving and reloading fix it? If not, please upload the savegame.
  • Does this always happen? If so, is it only in a specific biome?

A friend and I are having this issue on our multiplayer save. The bug remains in singleplayer, for the both of us(he was host and sent it to me), so it should be bound to the savegame. Neither of us have the problem in our other saves, old or new.
I forget exactly which version it was made in, but it worked fine 2 patches before the Titan update, maybe the one before. The bug remains in the current latest version(r864, unstable). We have no mods active in the save.
Obviously saving/reloading does not work, since that’s the #1 thing we tried, and have tried several times.

My description of the bug:
We saved the game during a lightning/thunderstorm, and when we reloaded it we thought it was a bit… aggressive, so we joked that we had angered a lightning god and tried to keep our hearthlings inside to wait it out. A day passed, and the sun came out… still crazy lightning and thundr.

Here’s the zipped savegame:

Raijin bug

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gotta love the naming lol, thundergod bug :wink:

Holy hell! That’s terrifying! This is due to a save incompatibility with pre-A24+ unstables. Good news: it shouldn’t be possible for this to happen on saves made after A24+ (release 860 onward). Bad news: that save is sadly cursed forever with the anger of the lightning gods.